ThumbTack #1 – Pinscreen Animation

[Thumbtack might just be a type of post regarding odd information strolls on the interweb. It might also be a way for me to keep track of these odd soirees.] Lately I stumbled across a review for movie The Trial that mentioned the opening animation as a pinscreen animation. I watched it and I am still not sure this represents a good pinscreen animation. But, this got me searching for exactly what is pinscreen animation. I will share with you what I found: This is the best description that I found. Here is a very beautiful pinscreen animation: Here is The Trial opening parable: This technique makes for an almost scuptural drawing technique. It seems to commonly generate freeflowing animations that blend and morph. It has a somewhat pointilistic or pre-digital raster effect. Very cool. Enjoy
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The Design Process

My studio is named after the way I make pottery – using your thumbs and pinching forms. I have a section where you can see exactly what that means. The name also represents the way I like to work out designs for people – putting simple elements together striving for simplicity. Lastly, as an educator, I understand that everyone feels they are “all thumbs” when they embark on learning a new skill. I try to keep this humor and fresh awkwardness alive in my work. It reminds me to see projects as learning experieinces where excitement lies in what is always new.

I offer my services as a teacher of pottery, design, and computers. If you have any questions or need my services, please feel free to call or email.

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