A bit about me...

My name is Greg Aubin and I am a graphic designer, visual artist and teacher.

My studio is named after the way I make pottery - using your thumbs and pinching forms. I have a section where you can see exactly what that means. The name also represents the way I like to work out designs for people - putting simple elements together striving for simplicity. Lastly, as an educator, I understand that everyone feels they are "all thumbs" when they embark on learning a new skill. I try to keep this humor and fresh awkwardness alive in my work. It reminds me to see projects as learning experieinces where excitement lies in what is always new.

I offer my services as a teacher of pottery, design, and computers. If you have any questions or need my services, please feel free to call or email.

Here's a quick bio:

I studied Fine Art at Parsons School of Design in New York City. When I finally got my degree it was many years later as a BFA in Art Education from UMASS Amherst. The detour through Electrical Engineering was not so out of character for someone who was really interested in computer graphics from high school. The Mac came out around '85 and it was not until postscript was developed that the industry started its rise. It was at about this time I started to study EE at UMASS.

From college degree to work: I had worked in theaters, road houses and sheetrock and framing jobs through college. When I graduated I signed on with StageWest in Springfield, a professional regional theater. Budget cuts made that only a one season job so I scrambled and started a small design/prepress/print brokering business called Imagine It. In doing so, I learned a great deal about printing and computer graphics. My design work was done on a PC using CorelDraw, while the design world was maturing on the Mac. Thus began of my crossplatform life.

First job in Teaching: I was hired on to my first teaching job in art in 1992. Teaching at Monument Mountain Regional High School in Great Barrington was where I cut my teeth as a teacher. I had great training in my last year in college at theClinical Site at East Longmeadow High School. I learned a great deal from Dick Goldie, my cooperating teacher. I was well prepared and worked hard. Back at MMRHS, our department was completely overhauled after the first year so I was writing curriculums for Sculpture, Design and Computer Graphics, Art 1 (intro art course,) and Ceramics. One hallmark of my teaching style was having my design class work with a local banks ad agency, and getting loaned sign equipment from Gerber Scientific. For me teaching has always been about integration with business.

Sign Work: Worked in a sign shop in CT and managed a startup satellite for about a year and a half. It was at this point that I moved to New York City. Here I found a job as a graphic manager with RATHE Productions (a museum display house doing work for the Smithsonian and the Museum of Natural History among many clients.)

Back to Teaching: A job opened up at a "for profit" professional college calledWood Tobé-Coburn in New York City. Here I was the Graphic Design instructor. I redeveloped their class lists from a solid program structure and developed bulletproof daily lesson plans. The goal of the school was to train high school graduates with no art experience for jobs in the New York graphics field in 12 months. I started with 10 or so students and with the help of a new lab (one I specked and networked) the program grew to almost 40 students in one year.

Open Square: I was "called" back to Holyoke, MA to help in the family business. I spent a little over a year helping develop a branding for a mill in Holyoke. We also started a café in that mill which I helped brand as well. The current website was reworked from my original logo design. A few remnants remain with the current site.

New England Signs: I worked at New England Signs in Chicopee MA for a few years. I did the graphic work for this full service sign company. I was involved in neon layout, sign layout and design, shop drawings, CNC routing and occasional other duties as required. The NE Signs site is as I left it.

Hale Custom Signs: I curently work at Hale Custom Signs doing design, fabrication, and installation. My extensive experience with desktop publishing software and printing devices has helped me take great advantage of the new sign printing equipment. I used the companies existing branding to create the current website, which has been reworked by Montague WebWorks for web based editing.

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