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My design style is direct. I work carefully for legibility and the greatest impact with the least clutter. Working in sign and display shops, I developed an approach that needs to be "read at 50mph in only a few seconds."

I first concentrate on appropriate typestyles and color that communicate content efficiently. I then focus on simple organized arrangement of elements. My ultimate goal is a product where "what is being said" dominates.

Currently there are only examples of web work here. Within this work you can see my "branding" and logo designs. Around the Pioneer Valley are many signs that I have designed and will post pictures soon. I have extensive print design knowledge and project management and copy editing skills.

Below are a few older projects and a few newer projects. The older websites are static sites that require page updates by ftp. The database driven sites are edited through a backend program from any browser. While this allows for constant content changes - the site "design" is much more static

Static Websites: (These sites are now local - external links may not work.) - Cafe in the mill building in Holyoke - Site proposed for the City of Holyoke - Some ideas presented for a Holyoke Arts initiative - An idea before the crash - Fun interface and icons

Database Driven Websites: Fully managed through a web browser - Online news source

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