The iPad has a few apps that allow for some pretty nice sketching. There are pressure sensitive styli and dumb ones. Each app offers a different feel and touch providing very different outcomes. Two that seem to have a good feel are Fifty Three's Paper and Adobe Line and Adobe Draw (used as one.) These examples will be updated as I continue to work on them. Some here are quite finished while others have a long way to go.

These pieces are ink, watercolor and colored pencil - either Prismacolor or water color style. These drawings are either cut from an old 8"x10" sketchbook or started from a 9"x12" bristol board pad. All the sizes are in this range.

With a collection of saved fortune cookie fortunes, this sketchbook began. The book is already filled with 60 pages ready for drawings. After the 20 fortune cookies, there is 20 pages of cigar bands, then 20 pages of stamps. The remaining pages are left for future choices. The frame edges are standarized for all the pages.

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