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Calligraphy uses brushes, quills, and ink. At around the middle of the 19th century the modern fountain pens came into being [wiki article]. In the middle of last year I started to get into fountain pens. In the middle of last season, I realized it was time for me to start writing in "cursive" with a fountain pen. I thought I'd share my journey. At the bottom of this post - I will add some links to people and websites that know so much more than I do.

My fountain pen experience started years ago with finding an old inexpensive fountain pen around the house from a previous "dweller." It was a catridge pen that I cleaned, bought new cartridges for, and started to enjoy the ink and the variation of ink density. The pen worked, but started to leak. I tried to fix the leak, but it eventually dislosed its fatel injury. That pen died.

It was about this time that I realized that the cheap pens at work never would write when I grabbed them to make a work order for a new customer. I would throw them in the trash with energy. When I got a good pen brand, I would not only keep it close, but I even would buy refills - which often cost as much as the pen. Wasteful.

I decided to get a decent fountain pen. The first was a Sheaffer. I liked it. I lost it. Then I replaced it. I tried to use some diverse inks, but the pen didn't work great. I bought a Cross, a Parker, Even a Marie Todd. They worked ok, but I was hooked by the refilling of the converters instead of cartridges.

When I was making my sketch kit, I wanted to have a fountain pen for sketching. This is when I found Noodler's Ink and Pens. I bought a Konrad Flex and filled it with a "Bulletproof" black ink. I liked this pen, but this was not a daily writer. But I did like the whole concept behind Noodler's pens and inks - inexpensive, smart, American and driven by an idea. And I did like the "demonstrators" that are clear and demonstrate the ink in the barrel.


Posted: to Fine Art Posts on Tue, May 19, 2015
Updated: Tue, May 19, 2015

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