Pinch Pottery

I am a very simple potter with a very simple goal. I'd like to make elegant, light, useable pottery. By mostly pinching my forms, my pieces remain rooted in the hand. My pieces are fundamentaly "pinch pots." These pieces take a considerable amount of time to construct. Since I can only charge a modest amount for my pieces I don't think I'll be quiting my day job any time soon.

For me the term "pot" really means cup. I could make cups for the rest of my life. That is not to say that bowls and plates have no use to me, but perhaps only as a member of a set. To me the cup refers so directly to the hand that makes it and the hand that holds it. The cup also touches the lips of the person who uses it. To me the cup is not only comforting to hold, but a sensual experience to drink out of. I do not believe any of my cups are "object d'art" but something to hold and use.

They are just cups. Most definately that is true. Really they are no more. If you ask how I could just make cups for the rest of my life? The answer is simple. While I use the above guidelines while forming cups, I only rarely acheive them...never fully. Cup making will be a constant pursuit.

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